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BOLDICI.US: your AI tool for quickly creating precise software proposals and project definitions. Simplify the documentation of requirements and present with confidence, elevating your proposals to excellence. Start Now!

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Save Time in Project Management With 'Boldicius', time is no longer an obstacle. Manage projects easily in your preferred language.
Accurate and Comprehensive Eliminate the stress of not meeting expectations. 'Boldicius' offers essential, high-quality documents for each project.
Start with Confidence Each document is customized to your style, whether importing content, recording your voice, or writing. Reflect your professionalism from the start.
Interactivity for Accuracy Ensure each document aligns with your specifications. Answer, choose, and customize according to your needs.
Customized Review for Quality Have full control after generating the document. Review and adjust according to your preferences to ensure maximum quality.
Share and Store with Ease Satisfied with your document? Export it in DOCX format, ready to share or save, hassle-free.

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Discover how 'Boldicius' has revolutionized efficiency and quality in software projects for industry leaders.
With 'Boldicius', I've gained valuable time, and my projects are clearer than ever. The intelligence of this tool is unmatched. José Antonio Cruz CEO AT ONTHEFLADS profile
'Boldicius' has been the solution to my challenges in definition and documentation. The precision I've achieved now was something I only dreamed of before. Silvana Fontana Project Manager AT GEOTAP profile
'Boldicius' has been a key factor in optimizing our planning time and elevating the quality of our specs. It's the revolution we were waiting for. Francisco Vargas COO at Enzyme profile

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